Purissima 250 ml

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The fresh cream soap.
Creamy soap for body and hair provides a fresh kick.

Application: Ideal after sport, promotes the blood circulation in the skin and therefore speedy regeneration. Pleasant hygiene for body and hair, especially on hot days. Foams little but cleanses perfectly! Shake before use. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.
Rosemary* infusion, soapnut*, mild coconut soap, coconut oil*, mother tincture of pink rock rose*, pink rock rose* macerate in jojoba oil*, myrtle*, benzoin resin*, soapwort*, nettle root*, crystal salt, immortelle* macerate in jojoba oil*, carubin*, xanthan, 100% pure essential oils* (peppermint oil*, lemon oil*, myrtle oil*), citric acid, limonene**, linalool**, citral**
(* organically grown, ** natural component of essential oils)