Serum 30 ml

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The intensive care product.
Intense, deeply effective and oil-free beauty care product for the eye area, mouth area and other sensitive zones. Regenerates, firms and leaves behind a glowing complexion.

Application (shake before every use):
  • Pure serum: Apply a few drops of the pure serum to the cleansed skin 1-3 times a day. It absorbs very quickly and you will usually see an immediate firming effect. You can reinforce the effect by tapping the skin gently with your fingertips.
  • Serum + Creme: A perfect combination of nourishment and moisturising. Apply a few drops of serum to clean skin, followed by the cream.
  • Cream + Serum: If you prefer a matt effect, you can apply the serum after the cream.
  • Serum + Oil: Mix a splash of the serum with a few drops of Olio Bellezza (used sparingly) in the palm of your hand and apply to cleansed skin. Provides a sense of well-being, nourishes the skin and moisturises.
  • Firming trick: Where required, you can also dab a touch of serum into the skin over make-up (do not rub in), e.g. before your meeting or during the party when the eye area starts to look a little tired. Firms and revitalises immediately.
Aframomum water*, kudzu root*, benzoin resin*, liquorice root*, myrtle leaf*, immortelle*, roselle*, tolu balsam*, sandalwood*, vetiver*, 100% pure essential oils*, linalool**, limonene**
(* organically grown, ** natural component of essential oils)