Im Einklang zwischen Himmel und Erde
Luft, Wasser, Erde: Das Wichtigste für mich ist auch das Wichtigste für meine Haut ist Naturkosmetik.
ambient living cosmetics GmbH / Was tun wir?

What we do

ambient is 100% Nature

We only use ingredients for our skin, that would also be healthy to eat!


100% Living plants and100% vegan
No compromise with chemistry and no animal products. We only use ingredients for our skin, that would also be healthy to eat!


100% Active ingredients
We do not use poor-quality basic ingredients. Instead of water, we only use effective high-quality hydrolats. We use healing-earth as an emulsifier, which is of great support to our skin. Our mild and natural conservation is facilitated through tree gum and fruit juices, which we make durable in a worldwide-unique fermentation process.


100% Transparency
On our products, you find the exact declaration of ALL ingredients used in the international INCI technical terminology. We have nothing to hide! Between 95 and 100% of our ingredients are organic!


100% Pure plant-essences
We do not buy ready-made plant extracts. Only the best plants of well-selected farmers that have been collected on certified organic meadows. We use these plants to produce holistic plant essences, following the rules of naturopathy.


100% Well-being
Delicious fragrances and a pleasant feeling on your skin are pampering your soul.
As skin and psyche are directly connected, pure and natural fragrances are especially valuable for a healthy beauty care.


100% Healthy Skin
Living cosmetics support the biological function of our skin and maintains the natural and healthy equilibrium of our skin. Only a healthy skin can look beautiful!


100% Harmony for environment and animals
We strictly refuse animal testing. Our extensive investigations are only made with humans.
When using only pure plants, we do not produce problematic waste: just valuable compost!