Beautiful Aging
Absolutely effective.
ambient living cosmetics GmbH / Reinigungsritual am Abend, auch mit Make-up

Care tip 2: Evening cleansing routine, even with make-up

Moisten a cotton pad with pure Elixir Bellezza, add a drop of Olio Bellezza for dry skin or stubborn make-up. Now cleanse the face, throat and neckline with gentle, circular motions. Do not rush - take a few moments to relax and enjoy the wonderful fragrance!

A special gift to yourself: Neck cleansing.
The neck is an important hub for energy channels. It is connected directly to the face and stress is stored here. A neck cleansing routine with circular movements relieves the stress. Daily cleansing of the neck increases your sense of well-being and reinforces the effects of cosmetics on your face!